The following page lists who is doing what in terms of the Web 2.0 Project. Students- please schedule a meeting with your instructor to discuss your training plan and lesson!

The list below has the order of presentations i.e. #1 will present first.

The things to focus on for your topics are for you to decide. What I've put below are ONLY suggestions and there are lots more you can do with each tool.

  • Accounting


Tool Trainer Date Time
1. Google Chrome, add-ons, themes Ayesha Rashed, Sara Nasser Mar 11 2:00-2:30
2. Blogs (creating, setting up, themes, embedding video, customizing, etc) * Noof, Arwa Mar 11 2:35-3:05
3. Google Sites * Amna Abdulla and Mona Mar 11 3:10-3:40
4. Drives on the "cloud". Compare and contrast Google Drive vs. Dropbox. Demonstrate why you would use these. Explore smartphone applications that use these for sync and backup and how to use these with a smartphone and PC. Manal Mar 11 3:45-4:00
5. Google searching (how to do searches on Google, “I’m feeling Lucky” searches, compound, Boolean searches, Search operators, “+”, synonym, domain search, numrange search, file search, etc). See the Advanced Page.* Salma Mar 14 8:30-8:45
6. Google Maps - creating maps, sharing, driving directions, 3D, location, traffic Rowdha, Hessa Mar 14 8:50-9:20
7. Social bookmarking - (what is it, popular sites such as and * Sara Al Yasi Mar 14 9:25-9:40
8. Google Docs * Maryam and Aisha Mar 18 2:00-2:30
9. Google Calendar (synchronizing with smartphones, etc) * Moza Mar 18 2:35-2:50
10. Google Picasa and Picasaweb Shamsa and Fatma Mar 18 3:10-3:40
11. Facebook (sales/marketing, company collaboration, political, smartphone apps - this is a presentation/training and should focus on the business uses of Facebook) * Asma Khalaf Mar 18 3:45-4:00
12. Google+ * (google's social media platform; start a hangout, videochat, voicechat, circles, +1, upload photos, update your stream, start a debate, share content, write an About page) Amna Hamid and Wala Mar 21 8:30-9:00
13. RSS Feeds and applications (e.g. Google Reader) * Khulood Mar 21 9:05-9:20
14. Gmail; voice and video chat, filters, using Gmail as a drive Bushra Mar 21 9:25-9:40