All meetings will be assessed by your instructor and will count towards your final grade for the project. Please be very prepared for these meetings as this will result in higher grades. Click here for the Peer teaching project document.

  • Accounting
Group Number Group Members Topic Meeting #1 Presentation Date
1 Sumaya, Khulood, Majda Chapter #5: IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies April 11 April 20
2 Alya Ibrahim, Shaikha, Hamda Chapter #6: Databases and Information Management April 11 April 27
3 Manal, Asma, Alia Shamsi Chapter #7: Telecommunications, the Internet and Wireless Technology April 13 May 4
4 Amna, Fatma Chapter #8:Securing Information Systems April 13 May 11
5 Zeyada, Hanan, Mariam Chapter #9: Enterprise Applications April 18 May 18
6 Latifa, Alya, Marwa Chapter #10: Digital Markets and Digital Goods April 18 May 25