The following page lists who is doing what in terms of the Web 2.0 Project. Students- please schedule a meeting with your instructor to discuss your training plan and lesson!

The list below has the order of presentations i.e. #1 will present first.

The things to focus on for your topics are for you to decide. What I've put below are ONLY suggestions and there are lots more you can do with each tool.

  • Diploma


Tool Trainer Date Time
1. Google Chrome *, add-ons, themes, icognito page, customizing Asma, Sara Hussain Mar 9 9:10 - 9:35
2. Blogs *(creating, setting up, themes, embedding video, customizing, making private, etc) * Aishah, Aisha Mar 9 9:40 - 10:05
3. Google Sites * (creating, setting up, themes creating, setting up, themes, embedding video, customizing, making private, horizontal and vertical nav bars, adding, deleting and reordering pages, etc) Sara, Shaikha Mar 9 10:10 - 10:35
4. Google+ * (google's social media platform; start a hangout, videochat, voicechat, circles, +1, upload photos, update your stream, start a debate, share content, write an About page) Shamsa, Mazoon Mar 17 11:10 - 11:35
5. Google Docs * (using Google Drive, creating surveys, creating quizzes, linking with Google Drive; documents and revision history; collaborators vs viewers... Samira, Fatma Hasan Mar 11 11:40 - 12:05
6. Reem, Maitha Mar 15 9:10 - 9:35
7. (social bookmarking) Maryam, Fatma Mar 15 9:40 - 10:05
8. Google Calendar (synchronizing with smartphones, group calendars, events, recurring events, appointments...) * Hanan, Nawal Mar 15 10:10 - 10:35