You have already created an E-Portfolio site as part of your course in Level 3 (Year 2, Semester 1). For this semester, you will build and add onto your existing site. The e-Portfolio is important because it allows you to showcase your work to potential employers and to keep track of your accomplishments as a student.


1. Move your existing Level 3 Projects to a new page called “Level 3 Projects”.
2. Update your Home Page with a list of skills you have used or learned during this semester.
3. Include a ONE paragraph self-reflection on your progress this semester.
4. Look at the E-Portfolio Project from last semester and make sure the information is complete. You will need to update the projects and reflection section for last semester. You will be marked on the completeness of your information!
5. In your existing Project Page, put in all of the project details for this semester. Make sure that each project has a detailed explanation of “what the project is about” and “what you have learned from the project”, with a link to the project documents (what you or your group have produced).
6. On your Home Page, create a Google search box. It can be a search box or it can be a “Google Related Link” (http://services.google.com/setup.html?accept=on) box.
7. In the Google Project, you learned about Blogs and how to create one. You were also asked to create one to keep track of your weekly progress. Link your blog to your e-portfolio site. Make sure the blog is in English!!

Time Frame

The updated e-Portfolio will be due on June 5, 2009 by 4:00 pm. Make sure to have finished uploading your site to the server by then.


Some of the main guidelines for the E-Portfolio are listed below. The intention for this semester is that you produce a professional looking website.

Projects Page Include a project name heading, one paragraph description of the project, what you have learned from the project and a link for any files for ALL of the projects.
Powerpoints MUST be in slideshow format and be viewable online without needing to download the file first!!
Program Name E-Business Management
Ecommerce Server All of your pages MUST be placed on the ecommerce server and be viewable online.

Make sure you upload files to the server EARLY and not leave it until the last moment!!
Professional Website examples http://www.webbyawards.com/webbys/current.php?season=12
Projects Some but not ALL of your projects/assignements for this semester are Google, Networking, Amazon.ae, Storing your data, Net G


The website will be marked on the following criteria:

Theme Content The website must have a well-stated clear purpose and theme that is carried out throughout the website.
Reflections Well written personal reflections of projects and what was learnt.
Links to Projects All project links are working and are accurate!
Following guidelines How well you have followed the guidelines laid out for this project.
Organization, Clarity and Accuracy All information provided by the student on the web site is accurate and well organized. All requirements of the assignment have been met.
Layout Design The website should have an exceptionally attractive and usable layout.  It is easy to locate all important elements. Screen space has been utilized properly without a lot of “wasted” space.
Navigation Links must be clearly labeled, consistently place, allow the reader to relate pages(forward and back) and take the reader where she/he expects to go.
Completeness of information All information required for the project is complete. All projects and assignments have been listed and follows guidelines.
File naming convention All file names use lowercase and no special characters.
Physical website layout Website included a root folder containing html pages/folders and image folder.
Images Graphics are reduced to smallest acceptable size to allow for faster load time in browser.
Page Titles Page Title is indicated on toolbar of browser.
Copyright All templates and other work that is not your own has been properly credited. E-Portfolios that include uncredited material will result in an "F".