The following page lists who is doing what in terms of the Google Project. Students- please schedule a meeting with your instructor to discuss your training plan and lesson!

Because this is a small class, you will also need to study the topics listed in the second table below. You will demonstrate your proficiency in the third project (Google Practical Project)

  • Marketing
Tool Trainer Date Time
1. Blogs + Google Blog Search* Khaled Oct 10 2:05-2:25
2. Google searching (how to do searches on Google, “I’m feeling Lucky” searches, compound, Boolean searches, Search operators, “+”, synonym, domain search, numrange search, etc) * Farah Oct 10 2:30-2:50
3. Google Chrome Rawdha S. Oct 10 2:55-3:15
4. Google Earth (What it is, how to use it, what can one find on it and how is it applicable in the UAE, what is GPS) * Khulood Oct 10 3:20-3:40
5. Gmail (compare and contrast other web-based email such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail. How much storage does Gmail offer. How does the user interface look, how can students get their own gmail account and can this be used for business?) Huda Oct 13 1:05-1:25
6. Google Docs * Laila Oct 13 1:30-1:50
7. Google Calendar * Rawdha T. Oct 13 1:55-2:15
8. Google Sites * Shaima Oct 13 2:20-2:40
9. Google News Redwa Oct 17 2:05-2:25
10. Google Picasa and Picasaweb Sumaya Oct 17 2:30-2:50
11. Google Reader * Nadya Oct 17 2:55-3:15
12. iGoogle * Noora Oct 17 3:20-3:40
Tool - Self Study Self-Study Date Time
1. Search Engines. Compare and contrast all of the main search engines that are available. How are they similar? How do they differ? Does each have a different purpose/focus? Talk about compound searches, boolean and demonstrate. Self study    
2. Google interface (what are the elements on the main and other Google pages). Train students on where all the tools are for subsequent trainings. Self study    
3. Google Apps ( What are the features and benefits from a MIS standpoint of using Google Apps? Self study    
4. Google Web Search Features ( Self study    
5. Google Finance Self study    
6. Google Desktop Self study    
7. Google Groups Self study    
8. Google Scholar Self study    
9. Google Language Tools Self study    
10. Google Labs – (what is it and what kind of information can one find on it) Self study    
11. GooglePack Self study    
12. Google Sketchup Self study    
13. Google Toolbar Self study    
14. Google Analytics * Self study