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Develop an e-Business website to market your physical business. In addition, as a group, you will demonstrate your expertise in advanced web designing concepts covered in the Dreamweaver CS4 textbook.


These requirements are an addition to the ones you have already received for the overall Bazaar 2009 project. Make sure you understand the requirements for BOTH.

Develop a website which has the following web pages:

1. Home Page
2. Products/Service Page with a full description of products or services including photos and price
3. “About Us” Page (description of the company and people)
4. “Contact Us” page that has maps of booth location, phone and email

The content of your business website will be up to you and you will be marked on detail and creativity. However, you must include the following elements:

1. Company logo must be on every page of your web site for branding
2. Promotions described on Home Page or Products/Services Page. At least ONE banner or popup ad on Home page
3. Shoutbox on the Home Page or Contact Us Page for contact or feedback
4. Maps of booth location must have been developed in either Visio or Inkscape and then exported as JPG or some other format (GIF, TIF, BMP, etc).

In addition, your website must be:

1. as interesting and attractive as possible
2. well organized and easy to navigate
3. error-free – (this may be the first impression your potential customers have of you and your business)
4. appropriate – think about the content of your site
5. professional – take care when deciding on the format - design, layout, colour and fonts

Make sure you fully describe and address the following issues:

1. products/services
2. prices
3. location
4. date and time of event
5. possibility of placing orders in advance of the bazaar

From a technical and web design standpoint, you must use the techniques outlined in Chapter 4 and 5 in the Dreamweaver textbook. Specifically, you must use:

  Technical Page (or Chapter)
1. External CSS stylesheets (or a combination of inline and external CSS) Chapter 4
2. CSS classes in your stylesheets p. 108
3. Advanced text formatting with CSS p. 112
4. Contextual and pseudo-class selectors p. 113
5. DIV tags p. 117 and Chapter 5
6. Linking images, alternate text, gallery page Chapter 3
7. Filenames, folder structure, page titles and "good" web design habits Chapter 1-2

Your Website will be published on the official DWC Bazaar 2009 Website. It is your responsibility to make sure that your site is published. 

Time Frame

Week 12 Thursday All storyboarding documents to be submitted
Week 13 Wednesday Website completed, posted on official bazaar site by 12:00 noon


1. Web site. All files to be burned on CD or copied to flash drive and left on my desk
2. Published web site uploaded to dwcweb.hct.ac.ae
3 Proof that web site is working - screenshot of web site link, printed with team name, number and section. Left on my desk with your files

These are due on Wednesday, Nov 25, by 12:00 noon.


1. Storyboarding template document


Theme Content The website must have a well-stated clear purpose and theme that is carried out throughout the website.
Reflections Well written personal reflections of projects and what was learnt.
Links to Projects All project links are working and are accurate!
Following guidelines How well you have followed the guidelines laid out for this project. Pay special attention to to the TECHNICAL requirements!!
Organization, Clarity and Accuracy All information provided by the student on the web site is accurate and well organized. All requirements of the assignment have been met.
Layout Design The website should have an exceptionally attractive and usable layout.  It is easy to locate all important elements. Screen space has been utilized properly without a lot of “wasted” space.
Navigation Links must be clearly labeled, consistently place, allow the reader to relate pages(forward and back) and take the reader where she/he expects to go.
Completeness of information All information required for the project is complete. All projects and assignments have been listed and follows guidelines.
File naming convention All file names use lowercase and no special characters.
Physical website layout Website included a root folder containing html pages/folders and image folder.
Images Graphics are reduced to smallest acceptable size to allow for faster load time in browser.
Page Titles Page Title is indicated on toolbar of browser.
Copyright All templates and other work that is not your own has been properly credited. E-Portfolios that include uncredited material will result in an "F".

Publishing Your Site


Set up a "site" in Dreamweaver


Fill out the details below in "Remote Info". The business name should be one of the names below.


Bazaar Groups and Websites

Team Business Name
Team 31
Team 32 
Team 33   
Team 34 
Team 35
Team 36
Team 37
Team 38
Team 39
Team 40