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The following is a list of bazaar activities and teams. These groups will submit bazaar business plans, web site and final bazaar reports.

  • EBM-Section 1
  • EBM-Section 2
  Team Members ID Biz Idea Website
1. Maitha Sultan H00082997
  • kites
  • sky balloons(without candles)
Hunoof Abdulla H00088893
Maryam Adel Saif H00084698
Hessa Mohamed H00084928
2. Hind Bakhit H0008465
  • Canon camera
  • Dress-up clothing
  • Background props
Lamia Yousef H000505049
Maitha Abdulnoor H00083693
Reem Hussain H00084579
Maryam Ghuloom H0060110
3. Amal Yaqoob Ali H00084940
  • Customer designed nails
Alya Saeed H00087274
Maryam Mohamed H00084854
Hessa Mohamed H00084971
Hessa Ahmed H00055796
4. Alia Alshehhi H00056544 Potato Puffs with a variety of sauces/toppings
  • baked
  • wedges
  • french fries
Maitha Mohammad H00084820
Muhra Saleh H00084819
Zakiya ali H00084823
Maryam Khamis H00084582
5. Alyaa Mohammed Juma H00084341
  • Flowers
  • T-shirts
  • Gifts
Amina Husain Sulaiman H00051275
Fatma Ali Hassan H00084590
Ahlam Alshaish H00054720
Iman Abbas Murad H00098469
  Team Members ID Biz Idea Website
1. Asma Khamees H00085005
  • nightdresses and pyjamas
Hessa Mohammed H00088930
Maryam Nasr  H00084769
Maryam Mohammad   H00089157
2. Kaltham AlBalooshi H00084782
  • Fruit
  • Mini-sandwiches
  • Hot drinks
  • Juices
Maha Omar H00084724
Sharina Saeed H00086171
Salama Sultan H00084722
Khawla Juma H00084801
3. Hamda Ahmed H00084925
  • Wedding bags and wedding jewellery
Aisha Mohammed H00084918
Alia Belshalat H00058058
Huda ALQaizi H00097806
Reem Mahboob H00084931
4. Mooza Al Shamsi H00082994
  • customer-chosen pictures published as puzzles
Alyazia Al Amiri H00129256
Meera Sami H00130690
Hessa Ahmed H00132397
Asma Yousef H00098335
5. Khalida Al Bastaki H00084969
  • machine for taking photos with different sizes and options to fix and adjust photos
Amna Mohammed H00125930
Khansa  Al Bastaki H00084976
Latifa Yahya H00084609
Sara Abdulkarim H00084847