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Graphic of a variety of companiesYou have just graduated from college and have an idea of starting a business venture involving marketing of some product/service. As of now you do not have a trade name for your product/service or a domain name for your yet-to-be created eCommerce web site.

In a recent meeting with consultants, the topic of trade names and the importance of domain names came up. You were not quite sure as to why everyone is so keen on this topic.

You have now decided to do some research into trade names, trademarks and domain names to understand how they will help your business.


Create 3 names you could use and explain why they are good names and how you can see if they are available to use in your business. Explain measures for protection of the business and describe how the internet works - WHOIS, Domain Registration, top-level domains


Write a short report (no more than 4 pages excluding appendices, cover page and bibliography) in response to the following questions. Search whatever sources and search engines you feel are appropriate.

1. Do a search for the meanings of trade name and trademark. Then, in your own words, explain what is meant by the terms trade name and trademark.
2. Think of three domain names that you want to use for your company and/or for your product/service. Write them down. Conduct a domain name search for all the three names you chose earlier. Print out the results of your search.
3. What is the importance of selecting a domain name for your planned eBusiness site? List your three names and explain why they are good names for your eBusiness web site.
4. What is the WHOIS protocol? Write it down.
5. Identify at least TWO companies who register domain names for you. Find one in the UAE and another one elsewhere.
6. What is the cost of registering a “.com” (top level domain) name in the UAE and elsewhere? Which is cheaper?
7. Write down the procedures for registering a domain name in the UAE and abroad.
8. What options are available to you when you discover that the domain name you want to use is already taken?
9. What legal rights do you have? How can you protect your domain name which could be a trade mark, intellectual property or company name?

Time Frame

This project will be 1 week long. It will start and end on Week 2 of the semester. Submissions are due at the beginning of Week 3.



Please use your favorite search engines to search on any of the topics mentioned above including trade names and trademarks. Other resources:



To pass, your report must have the following evidence and cover these issues:

1. Trade name and trademark defined in own words
2. Importance of selecting a domain name for your planned e-Business site
3. Three domain names selected and explanation of why they are good names for e-Business site
4. Domain search for the 3 names conducted and printed out
5. WHOIS protocol defined
6. Two domain registrars identified
7. One domain registrar is UAE-based and second is elsewhere
8. Domain (COM) registration cost in the UAE and abroad and which is cheaper of the two costs
9. Domain registration procedures in the UAE written
10. Domain registration procedures outside the UAE written
11. Options available when desired domain name is taken
12. Legal rights explored and protection of domain name explained
13. Report must be formatted professionally, be free of spelling errors and must have sources credited properly including in-text referencing
14. Please see the "Written Assessment Guidelines" here

Learning Outcomes:

1. Explain measures for protection of the business
2. Describe how the internet works: WHOIS, Domain Registration, top-level domains