This page has your assigned topics for Task 1 - Research Terminology and Skills in the final research project. In addition, it contains links to approved research topics for the final research project as well as the Oral Defense schedule. You will use your approved research topic to conduct your research and write your final paper for the EBMGN-461 course.

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Final Research Project: Task 1, Part 1 & 2

  Student Groups Topic 1 Topic 2
1 Sara S, Sara A, Alia Ahli Research strategies Management information systems
2 Maryam Saleh, Sara Jaffar, Farida Hassan Research proposal How to use interviews to collect information
3 Bushra, Aisha, Latifa Data collection methods Diagrams that can be used to display visual information
4 Asma, Asma A, Alia Ahmad Qualitative research (examples/tools) How questionnaires and surveys are used to collect information
5 Hamda, Fatma Saeed, Fatma Nasser Quantitative research (examples/tools) Statistical tools used to summarise data
6 Fareeda Nasser, Alia Shehhi, Asma Hamad Secondary research (examples/sources) Resources for secondary information
7 Marwa, Mona Ahmed, Maryam Khaja Primary research (examples/sources) Meaning of research
8 Nada, Alia Khalifa, Huda Literature review How to display information collected by surveys and questionnaires (*)

Final Research Project: Research Topic

  Student Research Topic Notes Approved on
Alia Ahmad Autism in the UAE 2/28 - SMS - has contacted the Center and stats are autism is increasing yearly. However, topic needs to be more specific i.e. what specifically about Autism in the UAE will the research address? Mar 1 - Autism
Alia Al Shehhi 1. Do locals prefer to go overseas for medical issues

2. Why locals marry foreign women
Feb 21 - First choice is the medical research. Alya will have come up with how many locals go abroad (out of the total medical needs population), which countries are most popular by rank, which hospitals are most popular in various countries by rank, what type of medical issues are sought abroad vs at home. She will need to provide a 360 view of the medical situation in the UAE as far as locals are concerned. Feb 22 - Topic #1
Alia Khalifa How does culture affect the workplace

How does the global crises affect Emaar properties
Feb 16 - is there data for Topic #1 i.e. cultural issues and factors in the workplace? If so, narrow the topic down and do lit review

Second topic - may be too specific. Is there enough data to do a paper?
Feb 22 - Topic is "How does the global crises affect Emaar properties"
Alia Mohd 1. Price rises - affecting business and people in the UAE (#1) - look at trends, interview people, survey across different nationalities

2. Child abuse (trends)
Feb 16 - #1 looks good but Alia needs to confim whether she can find the necessary data Mar 1 - Approved. Topic #1
Asma Ali Internet and the new generation. Children and teenagers. "internet trends amonsgt children and teenagers in the UAE. Trends (hours spent), what do they do (facebook, youtube, forums, games, twitter) Feb 16 - idea looks good and needs confirmation by Thursday Mar 1 - Approved - Internet and the new UAE generation
Asma Hamad Why don't Emiratis take lower-paying jobs - GCC work culture, labor force trends, Oman and Bahrain Mar 24 -
1- Multiculturalism in the UAE
2- Racism and despising different cultures thus not considering low waged jobs as an option
3- Reputation and Image of locals as the standard of living is high
4- Salaries
5- People become lazy cause most of them get money from the social services
Approved - Mar 24
Asma Juma 3. Renewable energy in the UAE (What is the UAE doing

4. Domestic violence
Feb 8 discussion

Mar 1 - email - I changed the topic to "Domestic violence and trends in the UAE national population"
Mar 1 - Approved - "Domestic violence and trends in the UAE national population"
Ayesha Muhairi Marine Life - pollution in the UAE. Oil leaks. Impacts on fishing

Impact of fast food in the UAE - trends, surveys that tie obesity, health problems to the number of times that people eat in fast food restaurants. Demographics
Email on 2/12 - very broad and needs to narrow it down. (Marine Life)

Fast food is more researchable. Confirm data availability by Thursday
Mar 13 - Approved - Impact of fast food in the UAE - trends, surveys that tie obesity, health problems to the number of times that people eat in fast food restaurants. Demographics"
Bushra 1. How the financial crisis has affected Dp World 2. How Central banks are controlling the financial crisis within their countries (monetary policies, etc) 3. How financial and capital markets have been affected by the crisis Mar 8 discussion:
1. To examine the financial crisis of 2008 and what went wrong in the UAE
2. to spot the failure of the UAE regulation system and risk management 
3. To identify the financial and banking systematic risk in the UAE
4. To recognize the crisis impact on the UAE central bank and people (both Emirati and Expat)
5. Current situation in 2011 – what steps has the Central Bank taken to prevent another crisis
6. View on the street – how do local business perceive liquidity and the “real” situation
Mar 8 - Approved. Topic - "The Financial Crisis in the UAE - Then and Now"
Fareeda Nasser Water in Dubai According to my subject, Water in Dubai. At the beginning, I will talk about water in UAE in general (how UAE is the most waster of water in the world). After that I will discuss water issues in Dubai and I will take Dewa as an example. The purpose of this report is to discuss the water problems that Dubai suffers from, solution for these problems, do Dewa has enough capacity of water to desalinate? Are there any future plans for using other sources of water or reducing the wastage of water? Mar 16 - Approved - Water in Dubai
Farida Hassan 1. How diabetes affects the children, the young and old people, the reason the cost of treatment

2. Emiratization in the UAE private sector, percentage, opportunity, and salary benefits to employees
Feb 16 - Topic #2 looks good and needs confirmation by Thursday - is there enough literature and can Farida find enough data Feb 22 - Topic #2 - "Emiratization in the UAE private sector, percentage, opportunity, and salary benefits to employees"
Fatma Nasser 1. Why do people eat fast food or in a restaurant. Comparision of both, statistics of how many times people eat out

2. Real estate before and after - what are the factors that make RE competitive, what do tenants look for now, preferences by nationality, pricing, location

3. Traditional marketing vs e-marketing
Feb 16 - Topic #2 looks good and needs confirmation by Thursday - is there enough literature Mar 7 - Approved. Topic #2 - real estate
Fatma Saeed Emirati studying abroad. Where, why, what institutions, what countries, what majors Feb 16. looks good. Need Lit review. Mar 7 - Approved
14 Hamda Mohd 1. Diabetes in the UAE. Why the UAE is the second highest diabetes - no pd

2. Accidents in the UAE. How big the issue is. Raising the road fines - foes it help - pd

3. Medical mistakes (#1) - pd
Feb 16. Confirm Feb 18th - what two topics she will do based on police data availability

Hamda has access to police research data
Mar 7 - Approved. Topic #2
15 Huda Shebab Housemaids - problems with, positives and negatives, growing problems with housemaids, current trends amongst emirati families. Maids - where are they from, %, compartive data over the years Feb 16. Confirm Feb 18th - data availability for Topic 1 and possible Topic 2 :

Found another topic (Dubai Taxi) and these are the questions I will be answering in the report:
1.       How lunching Dubai Metro does affect the taxi business? (positively & negatively)
2.       What are the preventive actions taken by Dubai Taxi to avoid any loss after lunching the Metro?
3.       What are average of trips, & number of taxi cars before the Metro & after?
4.       What are the future plans of Dubai Taxi regarding of Metros’ future expanding?
5.       What is the daily average number of customers using taxi and Metro (Comparison).
And kindly be informed I’m working there and can get reliable information.

Feb 22 - Topic #2 - Dubai taxi with attached questions.
16 Latifa 1. How small businesses use social media in the UAE 2. Is social media replacing traditional marketing Feb 8 discussion. Topic 1 is stronger and she will do #1 Mar 1 (April 3) - Approved. Topic #1
"How small businesses uses Social Media in the UAE"
17 Marwa 1. Effect of Strategic Planning in governement organizations in UAE

2. Emiratis expand to work in different sectors and industries (ex. Mechanic, petrol station staff, and operating technical’s) no matter the job title or level, how this effect the society development.
Mar 1 - email - Topic 2 seems better but she needs to decide which one has more available data for her research and will let me know. Mar 7 - Approved. Topic #2
18 Maryam Khaja Unemployment in the UAE - unemployemnt theory as background, trends (% of unemployed in the UAE emirates, vs country as a whole vs GCC. Effects of unemployment in the UAE. Feb 16. Confirm on Thursday Mar 1 - Approved - Unemployment
19 Maryam Saleh Female leaders. Challenges for female leaders in the UAE

Feb 17 email:


1.     “Recycling in the UAE: realty versus expectation” Environmentally conscious in a metropolitan desert: in a modern growing metropolitan country such as the UAE, we see how the UAE is slowly taking small steps towards adapting to recycling and is beginning to incorporate it into the country, company and some houses.
Who is recycling in our community?
Why do we need to recycle?
Where is the recycling implement in UAE?
Where are the recycling facilities available?
When the recycling will be a habit?
What are the goods that don’t get recycle?
How do we recycle?
How can we promote recycling in our community?

2.     Our modern plastic society and how its slowly affecting the UAE and arab world: what once begun as a means to help burn and abuse victims has grown from helping people with self image issues become more confident and happy with their looks, to a massive obsession that if you are not plastic you do not fit into society. Plastic surgery has changed over the past 15 years and has become a must in the arab world, with many people taking it too far. Actresses, singers, and other stars have set standards of beauty that many women feel they cannot reach. Society is slowly depending on plastic surgery, not to mention the horrors it brings with fake doctors who harm, scar and sometimes cause the death of many people who put their lives on the line all for the sake of "beauty"

Maryam will let me know which one she wants to focus on (2/22)

Mar 1 - Approved. Topic #2
20 Mona 1. Camel industry
  • Does the public highschool system prepare the stuents for the university life?
  • Why is the percentage of Emirati boys dropouts is high?
  • Will the UAE's Camels' Milk export to Europe succeed?
  • What does Camel Racing entails and why is it so important to UAE nationals?


Feb 8 discussion. Research on something to do with the industry, not sure what. Mar 21 - Approved - “Will the planned reform of the UAE’s public high school system prepare the students for university or the workplace
21 Nada Humaid Banks - bad service in the UAE in the banking sector. Comparitive data on service levels WW vs UAE, etc Feb 16. Confirm Feb 18th - data availability for Topic 1 and possible Topic 2. Survey will be approx 50 sample Mar 1 - Approved - Customer Service in the UAE banking Sector
22 Sara Abdulla Organ sale

Feb 16 - Topic is too broad and need to be narrower with a UAE or GCC focus - ae there organ sales, who sells, why sells, how much, what they sell, etc

Need second idea and will confirm on Thurs about data availability


I have changed the topic which I have discussed with you about "Organ Sale".

I have choose two new topics which are:

1- Cloning is necessary for medical research

2-  Children Obesity

Mar 7 - Approved. Topic is "Child Obesity in the UAE"
23 Sara Saif Accidents in the UAE, trends, fatalities and driving attitudes of locals (men/women). Maybe compare with GCC Feb 16. Need to confirm data Mar 7 - Approved. Topic: "Accidents in the UAE, trends, fatalities and driving attitudes of locals (men/women)"
24 Sarah Saffar What has the UAE done presently for sustainable development given that they have a strategic plan. Vision 2015

Talk about the different plans for the various emirates like the Sharjah plan, RAK plan, Dubai and AD plan

Topic #2 - Labor law and human rights issues in the UAE
Email 2/10 - topic is broad and needs more researchable focus

Feb 16th - Sarah will do further research on both and will confirm Thursday, Feb 18th about Toipic 1 or 2
Mar 1 - Approved "What has the UAE done presently for sustainable development given that they have a strategic plan"

Oral Defense Schedule

  Student Apr 5 Apr 7 Apr 12 Apr 14
Alia Ahmad        
Alia Al Shehhi        
Alia Khalifa        
Alia Mohd        
Asma Ali        
Asma Juma        
Ayesha Muhairi        
10 Fareeda Nasser        
11 Farida Hassan        
12 Fatma Nasser        
13 Fatma Saeed        
14 Hamda Mohd        
15 Huda Shebab        
16 Latifa        
17 Marwa        
18 Maryam Khaja        
19 Maryam Saleh        
20 Mona        
21 Nada Humaid        
22 Sara Abdulla        
23 Sara Saif        
24 Sarah Saffar        
Asma Hamad        


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