Course Details

College Dubai Women's College
Department Business
Term Semester 1
Academic Year 2011-2012
Course Code EBMGN461
Course Title Final Research Project

Faculty and Contact Details

Instructors Location Ext Contact Hours
Penny Archer   505 8
Tridib Chatterji B-03 492 8
I will usually respond to e-mails within 24 hours. Although I welcome meeting with students at any time, I would appreciate it if you make an appointment with me.

Course Description

The management report is intended to provide learners with the opportunity to study a specific area of their choice and to take a more active role in the learning process. It is a major part of the course and should be an academic challenge for the learner. The purpose of the management report is to allow the learner to carry out a self-managed piece of work that provides an in-depth investigation of a management issue relevant to the learner's own field of study or particular interest.

The management report allows the learner to critically evaluate and synthesize relevant philosophies, theories and models of management, by undertaking a process of enquiry, using primary and/or secondary data sources to contribute to the body of knowledge in the domain of management. The unit consists of two elements. It is underpinned by a taught module of research methods as preparation for the planning, developing and producing of the management report.

As part of the research element, learners will be required to produce a detailed research proposal which must be accepted by the tutor prior to the learner proceeding with their report.

Learners are expected to present a substantial piece of work in the form of a written project. The project document is here. Instructions on how to select a good research topic are here.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

1. Analyse management research

  • Define the purpose of management research and select suitable approaches for own investigations

2. Formulate strategies for successful research

  • Design a strategy suitable for own research investigations, justifying strategy chosen.

3. Select and utilize appropriate research methods to collect data to support investigations

  • Select, use and justify a range of research methods

4. Synthesize and analyze data to generate and support conclusions

  • Synthesize and analyze a range of data which will provide evidence to support or refute hypothesis, conclusions and recommendations

5. Present and justify conclusions and associated recommendations

  • Present a reasoned and justified report using a style and manner appropriate to the needs of the recipients

How you will Learn in this Program

You will learn through primarily through active class participation, student centered learning, field trips, meeting with experts and other individuals knowledgeable in your subject matter. This will be achieved by: class activities and discussion, independent study, assignments, project work (individually and in groups), case studies, internet and library research and field trips. 

Your success will depend on the amount of EFFORT that you contribute to these activities.

Semester Schedule:

Week Learning Objectives Learning Activities %
Details Assessment Item Deadline
1 LO 1-4 Discussion   Introduction, discussion and final research topics    
2-3 LO 1-4 Research Terminology: Task 1 20% Graded homework (groupwork) Paper on useful research terms Week 3
3-5 LO 1-4 Research Terminology: Task 2 10% Graded homework (groupwork) Paper on useful research terms Week 5
6-8 LO 1-4 Oral Defense 30% Presentation (individual) Research proposal and Oral defense Week 8-9
8-16 L0 1-4 Final Research Report 40% Paper (individual) Research paper Week 17

The assessment schedule in the portal is here. The HCT grade structure is here

Description of Assessment Items:

Projects and Assessments Overview
Research Terminology: Task 1 Before starting the research process, it is important to understand different ways to conduct research and research-specific vocabulary. This first task gives the student the opportunity to broaden their research vocabulary.
Research Terminology: Task 2 This second task gives the student the opportunity to further broaden their research vocabulary.
Oral Defense Research Proposal. Identify management research areas and techniques which you will eventually research in more detail.
Final Research Report Research Paper. The purpose of the research report is to allow the student to carry out a self-managed piece of work that provides an in-depth investigation of a management issue relevant to the student’s own field of study or particular interest.

Academic Honesty

All acts of dishonesty in any work constitute academic misconduct. Any violation of academic ethics will be unacceptable in this class. Students must always submit work that represents his or her original ideas and words. If any of the ideas or statements are not the student’s original ones, all relevant sources must be cited. Ideas and statements that require citation are not only all hardcopy or electronic publications, copyrighted or not, but also all verbal and visual communication when the source of the cited information/content is clearly identifiable. In this course academic dishonesty may result in rejecting the student’s work and giving no credit for that assignment, or giving a failing grade for the entire course.

To avoid plagiarism, students are required to submit all their assignments to Safe Assign on BB Vista before final submission. Please remember that HCT has ZERO tolerance policy towards cheating. If you have any questions related to Safe Assign, please consult with your instructor for clarification.

Attendance and Particpation

Participation is vital. Participation does not mean just being physically present in class. The lesson can only be dynamic and interesting if each student is there and takes an active part in class activities. When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out about the work assigned at the class you missed by contacting your classmates. It is polite to let your teacher know why you have missed a class but you will still be marked absent.

Arriving to class within five minutes after class has begun is being late. Arriving after 5 minutes is considered absent for that period. This is also true if you are late returning from a break.

Marking Guidelines

All of your written work will use the following guidelines. It is your responsibility as a student to read and understand what is required for each grade level. In addition, the MLA Style must be used for referencing.

Grade Assessment
A/A- A grade of "A" means that the work is judged to be of exceptionally high quality, going well beyond what is needed to be acceptable.  It is an excellent work with NO errors. "A-" level work shows originality, depth of thought, factual accuracy, and good logic, shows that student has met the entire requirement of the project in an excellent manner.
B/B+ A grade of "B+" means that the work is judged to be of high quality, going well beyond what is needed to be minimally acceptable.  "B" level work shows some of the same good qualities as "A-" level work, but not as consistently. (Maybe lacks originality, and is less deep and student has missed out on SOME important issues or work contains SOME errors)
C/C+ A grade of "C+" means that the work is acceptable--that is, it meets the basic standard of college level work in terms of relevance, factual accuracy, and logic.  "C" work is at the minimum acceptable level.
D A grade of "D" means that the work does NOT meet the standards for acceptable college level work, but it does exhibit some positive qualities that indicate that it deserves some credit for having been done.
F A grade of "F" means that the work is so weak that it does NOT earn college level credit or the work was not completed at all.

Required Reading

Every student is required to read and understand the following sections of the Student Handbook

1. Graduate Outcomes 4. Plagiarism
2. Attendance policy 5. Breaches of academic honesty
3. Cheating 6. Late submission of assessment items

It is your responsibility to follow these policies - stating that you did not know about them is NOT and acceptable excuse!

If you are unsure about any of these policies, ask your Instructor