This page has your assigned topics for Task 1 - Research Terminology and Skills in the final research project. In addition, it contains links to approved research topics for the final research project as well as the Oral Defense schedule. You will use your approved research topic to conduct your research and write your final paper for the EBMGN-461 course.

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Final Research Project: Task 1, Part 1 & 2

Four groups of two students and four groups of three students.

  Student Groups Topic 1 Topic 2
1 Asma, Amal, Azza Research strategies Management information systems
2 Hafsa, Hessa Research proposal How to use interviews to collect information
3 Marwa, Aisha Ahmad Data collection methods Diagrams that can be used to display visual information
4 Alia Obaida, Hamda Ustad, Maryam Jenaid Qualitative research (examples/tools) How questionnaires and surveys are used to collect information
5 Maryam Ahmad, Maitha, Sumayya Quantitative research (examples/tools) Statistical tools used to summarise data
6 Hamda Keraif, Alia Darwish Secondary research (examples/sources) Resources for secondary information
7 Muna Jasim, Media Primary research (examples/sources) Meaning of research
8 Mira, Maryam B, Aysha Rashed Literature review How to display information collected by surveys and questionnaires (*)

Final Research Project: Research Topic

  Student Research Topic Notes Approved on
Alia Abdulla Child abuse trends in the local community in Dubai Alia will examine data from the Courts and Police and will address the following four type of child abuse - physical, emotional, sexual, and neglect.

Alia has assured me that getting data from the Police and Courts will not be any problem.
Approved, 9/27
Alia Al Falasi Possible ideas are to research the current situation in Dubai after the financial crisis. Second idea is to research what steps were taken AFTER the financial crisis in Dubai 9/25 Alia will confrim what she wants to do on 9/27. Alia's new idea - What is the UAE doing in terms of economic sustainability including various global investments into the development of sustainable energy and food security"

Alia's new topic is risky in terms of getting primary data from gov't officials but it is quite researchable. 9/27
Approved, 10/1 - What is the UAE doing in terms of economic sustainability including various global investments into the development of sustainable energy and food security"
Amal Cosmetic surgery trends in the UAE amongst Emiratis Rough outline from Amal:

·  Cosmetic Surgeries in UAE
·   Ages and gender of doing it
·  Relation and culture point of view
·  Reasons of doing plastic surgeries
·  Location in UAE and countries do this type of surgeries
·  Common plastic surgeries
·  Advantage and disadvantages of doing cosmetic surgeries
- 200 surveys for both gender
Men and Women
- Charts and statistic
- Interviews with plastic surgeries

Approved 9/27
Asma Awadhi Are people with Special Needs/Disabilities in the UAE getting their rights? Asma may decide to do a comparitive study on Kuwait vs. the UAE in terms of special needs people and the services Approved 9/27
Ayesha Ahmad Trends in childohood obesity in the UAE Preliminary discussion with Ayesha on 9/20 and am waiting for follow-up on specific topic

Ayesha will look at the historical trends in childhood obesity in the UAE using older data (if available) and will then examine why this trend is increasing or decreasing. Also, Ayesha will have to define "obese" versus simply overweight.
Approved 10/2
Aysha Rashed How fast food industries are affecting the eating habits of UAE citizens A rough outline:

·         I will start by talking about the substantial growth of the fast food industry in the UAE.

·         Why many children and teenagers prefer to eat fast food.

·         I will explain the effect of eating fast food on the health and what are the diseases.
Approved 9/22
Azza The impact of the UAE's development on Emirati identity Primary data will consist of surveys and interview. There is quite a bit of secondary data in existing literature so that will be used as a comparision between primary data findings and what existing data says. Approved 9/27
Hafsa Analysis of sick leave trends in the Dubai Health Authority
  • Rough outline from Hafsa: -

    The percentage of sick leaves per year with analysis of sick leave trends amongst:

  • different age groups
  • Nationalities
  • Genders
  • Life style
  • Job categories
  • Grade & salary bands

    An analysis of the cost of sick leaves will also be done with recommendation on what is economically the best solution for the DHA.
Approved 9/20
Hamda Al Ustad A study of divorce in Dubai amongst Emiratis Hamda will have no problems doing secondary and primary research because there is a lot of data available Approved 9/27
Hamda Keraif Blackberry addiction among UAE female nationals on ages between 15-25 Spoke to Hamda on 9/20 and waiting for followup/confirmation on specific topic Approved 10/1
Hessa Yaqoob Al Ansari Non-islamic practices in the UAE with specific focus on "Zaar "
  • What is Zaar?
  • History of Zaar
  • how it got to UAE
  • different zaar practices among the word
  • Why people practices of zaar
  • zaar from different point of view
Approved 9/27
Maithaa Emiratization in Emirates Airlines
Topic is very broad and she needs to make it more focussed on what specifically about emiratization in EA she will research 9/27

Maithaa will look at historical data on Nationals working in EA since the very beginning. She will look at the names, nationalities, positions and departments and plot trends in National hiring.

She will also look at the emiratization plan for EA and discuss how well they are doing in terms of their plan and if the plan has changed over the years.

in addition, she will compare EA with Etihad in terms of their respective Emiratization plan.
Will finalize by Oct 2

Approved 10/2
Marwa Sahrawi What are the awards for distinguished performance that are Available in the UAE education sector? And what are the benefits of these awards on those who have received these awards particularly the Hamdan B. Rashid Al Maktoum for distinguished Academic Performance? Spoke to Marwa on 9/25 Approved 9/25
14 Maryam Jenaid A study of Lesbianism in a women's-only college campus in the UAE with UAE Nationals aged 18-25 Good topic and she needs to run it by DWC research committee 9/27

Maryam will interview friends outside of the college to get a better perspective on her research topic 10/1
Approved 10/1
Modified 11/
15 Maryam Belshalat A study on domestic violence amongst Emiratis with focus on parents beating children From Maryam's email: "The purpose of this topic is to know how the violence affects the children in their school and in their life, and how it affects their attitude and how to solve this problem. 
For the primary research I will survey 200 people male and female either single or married for example if single (do you experienced being beat by your parents or relatives) and for the married (did you hit your kids).
For the secondary research I will use internet to find more about domestic violence in the world and examples of domestic violence.
Approved 9/27
16 Maryam Moosa The diabetes problem in the UAE Rough outline:

1.   The reasons behinds the high rate Diabetes in the UA

2.   To identify the ways in which government can combat the high rate Diabetes in the UAE

3.   Examine the solutions to stop the rising incidence of Diabetes in UAE
Approved 9/20
17 Media Overall "green building" strategy of the UAE with specific attention to Dubai Media needs to broaden her research to include the Green strategy of the UAE (if one exists) and look at Masadar as well. Basically, her topic needs to be broader than one building in Dubai


There are a lot of resources on green building initiative in Dubai and the UAE:

Sustainable green building
Emirates Green Building Council
Green buidlings and Masdar initiative
Approved green building code of Dubai

Media will research all and discuss these in relationship to the overall green building strategy of the UAE with specific attention to Dubai.

For primary data - Media will do at minimum, interviews with Dubai Municipality on the green building code of Dubai and do visits to at least two green building in the UAE.
Approved 10/9
18 Mira First idea was MBREF entrepreseneurs and success stories

Second idea was A study of allergy in child patients in Al Wasl and Dubai Hospitals
Mira needs to talk to MBREF and the hospitals to make sure that the data she needs is readily available.

Mira will get ten-year patient data (name, age, allergy, nationality, residence location, etc) and can then find out if allergies are increasing or decreasing for differnent nationalities and age groups; what is the most common/least common forms of allergies, etc.

Mira needs to make sure that the hospitals will give her the data otherwise her research will not work.

Will finalize by Oct 2

Approved on October 4
19 Muna Jasim The effects of cartoon watching and behavior amongst Emirati children The idea sounds failry good but it needs a great deal of lit review to see if studies have been done on this subject in the past elsewhere and to link this into her research. 9/25 Muna will get back to me with what she has found and whether she wants this topic.

Email on 10/2 from Muna

" According to the above subject I will would like to confirm that I’ll take my current research topic where I am going to find out about the side effect of cartoon shows for children, and my research will be focus on the negative impact of cartoon movies on children’s behaviors and what are the different types of behavioral problems that children will have while they watching cartoons many hours a day. On other hand, I’ll come across at the population of Emirati’s children. Later on, I will look at a number of sociologist studies that conducting outside on children’s behavior and how it connected and affected by watching cartoons. Also, I will do a survey and distrusted among Emirati’s parents and I will concentrate on how they notes any changes in their kinds’ behaviors and how many hours did they watch TV or cartoon programs."


9/25 - Awaiting Muna's initial research and confirmation

10/2 - Approved as per email
20 Sumaya Use of fake products (handbags, etc) among the Emirati population Idea sounds good and is researchable. Waiting for confirmation email from Sumayya detailing what she will be researching..For the primary research she will do a comprehensive survey for both men and women to know why they buy fake products, what products they buy, and what the average proces are in all categories (handbags and other accessories). 9/27 Approved 9/27

Oral Defense Schedule

  Student Oct 23 Oct 25 Oct 30 Nov 1
Azza **        
Alia Al Falasi        
Ayesha Ahmad        
Aysha Rashed        
Alia Abdulla **        
Hamda Al Ustad        
10 Hamda Keraif        
11 Hessa Yaqoob Al Ansari        
12 Maithaa        
13 Marwa Sahrawi        
14 Maryam Jenaid        
15 Maryam Belshalat        
16 Maryam Moosa        
17 Media        
18 Mira        
19 Muna Jasim        
20 Sumaya        

** - Alia/Azza swap


  Scheduled for Oral Defense
  Off day
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