Muqtanayati Exhibition | Student Entries | 2010

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These are student entries of objects for the "Muqtanayati: One Hundred Treasures" exhibition at the JamJar, Dubai. There is descriptive text with each photograph explaining the importance of each item and its relationship to family heritage and history. All photographs are of objects that were selected for dispay by JamJar.

Click on the smaller thumbnails to display a larger image with descriptive text. Hovering inside/outside the larger images will turn on/off the descriptive text.
Marashah Makhala Coins Pottery Medkhan Burqa Grandfather Al Leek Al Thoob Pearls Martasha Coins Stamps Pocket watch Sword Boat Aoud Perfume Khoos Kettle Coin Necklace Al Mandoos Medkhenah Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Palm Tree Barjeel