This project involves developing visual literacy. Insight Dubai is an annual conference attracting visitors from all over the world. A photo competition is part of this conference and involves participants submitting photos that reflect the conference theme.

You will "judge" the submitted photos, rank the top three, and discuss why.


1. Develop "visual literacy" skills
2. Select the top three photographs in a photography competition
3. Discuss your choices through a set of criteria


1. This is an individual project.
2. Read and understand the full brief of the project.
3. Look at all of the entries in the Insight Dubai Photography competition carefully. These are available here.
4. Once you have looked through all of the entries, select three photographs that appeal to you the most. Rank them.
5. Using the "elements of photography" categories, describe your FIRST choice in a nicely formatted report. Include a printout of the photo in your report.
6. For your report, please use two aspects from "Photographic Attributes", two from "Content", two from "Composition", and one from "Style & Genre" and "Meaning" category. In total, your FIRST choice photo will be described using EIGHT aspects in the "elements of photography" categories.
7. Complete the "Insight Dubai Photo Competition" online activity here.
8. Activity and report must be completed by November 25, 2010.

Time Frame

This project will end on November 25, 2010. Activity and report must be submitted by that date.


1. A nicely formatted report containing a detailed discussion on why chose a particular photo as your first choice.
2. Online activity.


1. Elements of Photography
2. Insight Dubai Photo Gallery


This project will be worth 15% of the total course grades for LSFA-N254 and will be assessed on the quality and completeness of your submission and report.

To get an "A" for this project, you must write a detailed description using all EIGHT aspects and complete the online activity on time. Your report must show that you thoroughly understand the various aspects of photography and can discuss these fluently.