Project Details:

We invite you submit for a very cool interactive, interdisciplinary project that seeks to redefine history and the idea of the museum.  Inspired by the BBC history of the world through 100 objects, the call for submissions to the Museum Me the UAE requires a registration of submissions before 1 October 2010. Consider it an opportunity for your voice to shape the reflection of where and who we are.

Playful or serious, personal or universal, poetic creation or strict documentation…the field is as diverse as the UAE.  A photo of an old neighborhood, recipe from classic UAE café, your child’s first shoe, a beautiful shell from Fujeriah, a falcon feather, some construction tape, a photograph of your grandmother, the plane ticket when you first arrived - what does your history of the UAE look like?

Details below:

Museum Me

Muqtanayati: One Hundred Treasures

A brief history of one country, through one hundred objects…  

The UAE is a place of multiple nationalities and cultures, and together the population shares in the history of the place they inhabit. Museum ME the UAE aims to present a snap shot of the UAE and the shared experiences of its community by inviting anyone and everyone to submit an object(s) which relates to the UAE’s history.

One hundred objects will be selected and presented in categories of history, domesticity and art, placing sentimental tokens on the same level as historical artifact, weaving together the personal fragments into a cumulative patchwork tapestry of the UAE’s identity.

Submit your application to by 1 October 2010.

What to send:

  • Jpeg image of the object being submitted
  • Description of its importance in no more than 150 words
  • Measurements in centimeters, height x width x depth
  • Estimate of object’s age

The exhibition will take place at thejamjar from 14 – 21 October 2010.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Best wishes,



1. Students will take creative photographs of historical artifacts in their or their family's possession. By doing so, they will be practising and developing their photography.
2. Understand the historical context of the UAE and their relationship to it.


1. This is an individual project.
2. Read and understand the full brief of the project.
3. Select a historical object or objects that is in your or your family's possession. Please photograph ONLY those objects you are willing to send to the exhibition in case your submission gets selected!!
4. Photograph the object or objects. Be creative with this.
5. By September 30, submit the required photograph(s) with the required descriptions to
6. If your entry is selected for display, you are required to send the item(s)to JamJar

Time Frame

This project will end on September 30 and all material must be submitted on or by that date.



For JamJar:

  • Jpeg image of the object being submitted
  • Description of its importance in no more than 150 words
  • Measurements in centimeters, height x width x depth
  • Estimate of object’s age

For me, a nicely formatted report containing:

  • a color printout of the photo of the object(s) being submitted
  • Underneath the printout, a description of the importance of the object(s) in at least 150 words
  • Underneath the printout and description, the measurements in centimeters, height x width x depth of the object(s)
  • Estimate of object’s age

Please copy me on your email to JamJar. This is another deliverable


1. Article: What Makes a Photo Good?
2. Article: Some of What I've Learned About & From Photography?
3. Article: The Secret: What Makes a Great Photo
4. Article: What Makes A Good Photo?
5. Article: What Makes A Good Photo?


This project will be worth approximately 10% of the total course grades for LSFA-N254.

The project will be marked based on the QUALITY of output and effort, the completeness and creativity of the submission and the uniqueness of the entry. Students who submit more photographs will receive a higher mark than another student who submits only one photograph. Any student whose submission is selected for display will be awarded an "A" for this project (provided the student submits their material for display at the exhibition). Students who are selected but choose not to submit their materials will get a much lower mark.