Dubai has a growing Art and Photography scene with many art galleries hosting paintings and photographs from regional artists.

As part of your History and Practise of Photography course, and in order to increase your exposure to different styles of photography, you are required to visit exhibitions held at two different local galleries.


1. Understand the art scene in Dubai and other cities
2. Enhance knowledge of photography and exposure to different photographers and styles.


1. This is an individual project.
2. Read and understand the full brief of the project.
3. Visit two Photography exhibitions held at two different local galleries. To get you started, Dubaifaqs has a list of galleries in Dubai and Timeout has a list of current exhibitions.
4. Collect brochures and materials from the gallery regarding the exhibition. Take photos of the exhibition.
5. After attending each exhibition, you must fill out a “Gallery Visit Report” for each exhibit. This means that you will submit two reports (hard copy).
6. Attach brochures, material and printouts of at least two photos from each gallery visit and attach to each report.
7. Submits all gallery visit reports by January 12, 2012.

Time Frame

This project will end on January 12, 2012 and all reports must be submitted on or by that date.


1. Two gallery visit reports. These must be hard copy. Please download the file here.
2. Attached to EACH report must be brochures and material from the gallery and related to the exhibition. Also attached must be printouts of at least two photos.


1. Location and details of art galleries in Dubai
2. Current list of exhibitions in and around Dubai
3. Gallery Visit Report document


This project will be worth 10% of the total course grades for LSFA-N254 and will be assessed on the quality and completeness of your submission and report.