This project involves developing visual literacy, teamwork and design skills.

Insight Dubai is an annual conference hosted at Dubai Women's College attracting female participants from all over the world.

This year, the conference organizer's would like to raise the necessary funds to aid an underprivileged student to attend the Insight Dubai 2012 Conference. The conference organizer's would like to create and sell two calendars - one calendar is a desktop calendar (smaller format) and the other is a wall calendar (larger format).

In teams, you will first look at the photos from the Insight Dubai Photo competition for 2010 and 2011 (please use the "Course Resources" link above as well). Then, you will rank the 2010 and 2011 photos according to some of the visual literacy measures and guidelines. You will then select 12 photographs for the desktop calendar and another 12 for the wall calendar. This way, the conference organizers can make two calendars with different sets of pictures and hopefully increase our sales.

The conference organizers would like to have the calendars ready for sale by November 15th, so they would need your choices by the end of October.


1. Develop "visual literacy" skills
2. Select the 24 photographs, 12 for a desktop calendar and 12 for a wall calendar
3. Discuss your choices through a set of visual literacy criteria


Group Instructions
1. This is a group project (teams of 3-4) with an "individual" component.
2. As a group, read and understand the full brief of the project.
3. Look at all of the entries in the Insight Dubai Photography competition for 2010 and 2011 carefully. These are available through the "Course Resources" link above.
4. Once you have looked through all of the entries, select 24 photographs that appeal to you the most. Rank them and be prepared to discuss them in terms of visual literacy. (group)
5. Propose a calendar design that you feel will best showcase the photographs you have selected. This will mean that you will have to look at various calendar designs available for sale elsewhere (hint: take some photos of calendars you feel are good)
6. You will then present your selections to a panel and discuss your photograph choices and your proposed calendar design. Presentation will be no more than 15 minutes per team. Higher marks will be awarded to teams who are very well prepared, can speak effectively about their photo selections in terms of visual literacy and have outstanding calendar design(s).
Individual Instructions
1. Using the "elements of photography" categories, describe your favorite photo from the 24 selections you have made for the two calendar formats. You will describe this photo in a nicely formatted report. Include a printout of the photo in your report. (individual)
2. For your report, please use two aspects from "Photographic Attributes", two from "Content", two from "Composition", and one from "Style & Genre" and "Meaning" category. In total, your favorite photo will be described using EIGHT aspects in the "elements of photography" categories.

Time Frame

This project will end on October 27, 2011. As a group, you will present your photo selections and calendar designs to the panel. Your individual report must also be submitted by that date.


1. A professionally formatted report containing a detailed discussion on why you chose a particular photo as your first choice. (individual)
2. Group presentation to a panel on your 24 photo selections and calendar designs. (group)


1. Elements of Photography
2. 2010 and 2011 Insight Dubai Photo Gallery


This project will be worth 15% of the total course grades for LSFA-N254 and will be assessed on the quality and completeness of your presentation and report. Group and individual marks will be split equally.

To get an "A" for this project, you must as a group deliver an outstanding presentation. As an individual, you must write a detailed description using all EIGHT aspects. Your report must show that you thoroughly understand the various aspects of photography and can discuss these fluently.

Each indicidual grade will consist 50% of the presentation grade and 50% of the individual work.