This project involves developing a photo essay during the Bazaar week. During that week, you will be starting and running your business and selling your product or service.

In addition, you are required to document an event, process or the entire three-day bazaar with a set of at least 10 related photographs which have a common theme and "tells a story".

Finally, you will create a Google Site site, post your photos accompanied by descriptive text.


1. Develop "visual literacy" skills
2. Understand photojournalism
3. Sequence photographs in a related series of events


1. This is an individual project.
2. Read and understand the full brief of the project.
3. Think about the three-day bazaar event and plan possible "topics" for your photo essay and when you would take related photographs.
4. During the bazaar (or even prior to the bazaar but related to it) take as many photos as you can on your "topic" and keep notes on your photos.
5. Select at least 10 photos that you feel best tells your story.
6. Then, create a Google Sites site, title your page "Bazaar Photo Essay", and post your photos along with descriptive text. There is no word limit on the descriptive text. Grades will depend on your level of EFFORT.
7. E-mail me the link to your Google Sites site.
8. This project must be completed by December 8, 2011.

Time Frame

This project will end on December 8, 2011 and your Google Sites page must be completed by that date.


1. Page(s) on Google Sites containing at least 10 photos that have a common theme and tell a story that happened during the bazaar. Photos must have descriptive text.
2. Email to me containing a link to your Google Sites page.


1. An excellent example of photo essays.
2. Photo essays from Good examples of photo essays.
3. Photo essay on the Great Depression. A fantastic example of a photo essay featuring photos by Dorothea Lange and other masters of photography on the Great Depression. **
4. Photo essay article. This article from Wikipedia gives more details on what a photo essay is.


This project will be worth 10% of the total course grades for LSFA-N254 and will be assessed on the quality of the submission, level of effort, and number of photos and.

To get an "A" for this project, your submission must be complete with more than 10 photos and a detailed description of the "story".