Photo essay themes and links

For this project, students are required to document a theme in Emirati Culture with a set of 15 related photographs which have a common theme and "tells a story".

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This project involves developing a photo essay during the semester. The photo essay topic is "Emirati Culture".

You are required to document any part of Emirati Culture through a set of at least 15 related photographs which have a common theme and "tells a story".

Finally, you will create a Google Site site, post your photos accompanied by descriptive text. You will also submit at least one of your photos to the Insight Dubai Photo Competition.


1. Develop "visual literacy" skills
2. Understand photojournalism
3. Select appropriate photos that fit the theme
3. Sequence photographs in a related series of events and write "the story"

  Name Emirati Culture Photo Essay theme Google Sites link
1 Afra The materialistic life and how looks are everything
Link ***
2 Asma Kandoura and abbaya - the old and the new
3 Hamda Camping 9?) or emirati female small businesses
Link **
4 Maitha Arabic Sweets - making sweets, preparing the table, gifts of sweets
5 Manal Your life - nephews, brother, dad
6 Marwa Gold souk
7 Onood The process of making emirati traditional herbal medicine
8 Safa Lifestyle of the older generation, how the spend time, gathering places, food preference, fish souk buying with father
9 Shaikha Fishing and the sea adventure

* = best examples

  Name Emirati Culture Photo Essay theme Google Sites link
1 Asma Henna
2 Ayat Heritage Village, Falcon Show
Link **
3 Badoor Garbage in the desert; shoes in mosques
Link **
4 Farida Karak
5 Fatma Sheikh Zayed grand mosque center (Mar 17, 2013)
6 Hamda Dubai Market change between past to present (from Gold Souk to Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall) - Deira Spice Souk
7 Hessah Emirati in desert
8 Jawaher Traditional Emirati Women’s Clothes and Accessories
9 Jehan Goat slaughter
10 Khulood Horses
Link **
11 Khulood Juma Old people's home. Actual-Cattle market
Link **
12 Kulaithim Emirates Kids street life in Sharjah
13 Manal Shindagha Fish Market *
Link **
14 Mohammed Bastakiyah *
Link **
15 Muna Ali Correctional Institution
16 Nadya Home bird-selling business
Link **
17 Sharifa Bullfighting in Fujairah *
  Name Emirati Culture Photo Essay theme Google Sites link
1 Aisha Traditional lifestyle in Jumeirah. Changed to "My passion for fashion".
2 Amna Abdulla Junk food
3 Amna Hamid Talli
4 Arwa Desert trip from Point A to Point B
5 Asma Khalaf Boat racing traditional
6 Ayesha Silk souk and buying fabric to make jelabeyas, embroidery
7 Bushra UAE Fish Markets
8 Fatma Theme of dates that includes palm trees, traditional food containing dates, and the process of picking dates
9 Hessa Shedding light on the sheperds *
Link ***
10 Khulood Henna; different kinds of design - old, traditional, indian, etc
Link ***
11 Maryam My life as an artist *
Link ***
12 Moaza Desert, desert vegetation, camping, ATVs; or Friday market in Masafi
Link ***
13 Mona Horse riding
Link **
14 Noof Traditional Roundabouts in the UAE
15 Rowdha Clothes and fashion from her store
Link **
16 Salma Traditional emirati foods - harees; khabees, gaymaat, etc
17 Sara Abdulla My life as a student - daily life
Link **
18 Sara Nasser Karak, favorite karak cafeterias around Dubai, process of making karak
19 Shamsa Mosques and Prayers
20 Wala Traditional games
  Name Emirati Culture Photo Essay theme Google Sites link
1 Amani Emirati traditional perfume - how it's made, ingredients, use of it
2 Firdous Fashion in Emirati Culture
3 Halima Dhow boat building in Festival City
4 Hessa Family artists - document her own family.
Link **
5 Khadija Dates and Mixed old Emirati medicine (Mar 17, 2013)
6 Mariam Alasmawi Emirati Lifestyle
7 Maryam Jafar Women's Role in the Past e.g making food, making tea, teaching the children and making Talli.
8 Nawal Fish market
9 Noora Al Bastakiya
10 Safeya Bar Alwarqa (?) (Mar 17, 2013)
11 Sahla Emirati weekend - shopping, restaurants, cars
12 Salma Emirati cuisine
13 Shaima Wholesale market in Deira
14 Wafa Hobbies - reading, fishing, drawing