This project involves developing a photo essay during the semester. The photo essay topic is "Emirati Culture, sub-culture and lifestyle".

You are required to document any part of Emirati Culture through a set of at least 15 related photographs which have a common theme and "tells a story".

Finally, you will create a Google Site site, post your photos accompanied by descriptive text.


1. Develop "visual literacy" skills
2. Understand photojournalism
3. Select appropriate photos that fit the theme
3. Sequence photographs in a related series of events and write "the story"


1. This is an individual project.
2. Read and understand the full brief of the project.
3. Think about your life as an Emirati and plan possible "topics" for your photo essay and when you would take related photographs. Topics can be anything related to Emirati Culture and lifestyle - weddings, food, clothing, staff, life, relatives, house, furnishings, hobbies, animals, lifestyle, family, etc. This is not about "traditional" Emirati culture but how the culture is changing and adapting. You can take photos of traditional culture/lifestyle aspects but it may be more satisfying to do the photo essay on modern culture, sub-culture and lifestyle. Basically, the topics in this project are limited only by your imagination!
4. During the course of the semester, take as many photos as you can on your "topic" and keep notes on your photos. You should aim to take at least 200+ photos. This will ensure that you have enough material to pick the 15 best photos that tell your story.
5. If you take photographs of people, please make sure you have permission as these photos will be posted on a public website.
6. You can Photoshop your photos but try and keep them as natural as possible.
7. For your project, focus on the human element. That is, photos with human beings in them have a greater impact. That doesn't mean that every photo has to have the human element but that the majority should.
8. Select at least 15 photos that you feel best tells your story. Make sure to put proper IPTC metadata information especially captions!!
9. Then, create a Google Sites site, title your page "Emirati Culture Photo Essay", and post your photos along with descriptive text. There is no word limit on the descriptive text. If you want to post your Photoessay somewhere else (Wordpress, etc), please let me know.
10. Your first paragraph of the Photoessay must have a detailed reflection on the course - what you learned, did you enjoy it, what would you have liked to learn, ways that the course could be improved, etc.
11. E-mail me the link to your Google Sites site.
12. ZIP your set of original photos and send them to me. I will let you know where you need to upload your photos.
13. Enter at least one photo to the Insight Dubai photo competition. Please copy me on your email when you send the photos. This counts as part of your grade
14. Please check the Calendar for the due dates of the project and the due date for the Insight Dubai photo entry.

Time Frame

Please check the Semester Calendar for ALL due dates. See the Calendar link at the top of this page.


1. Page(s) on Google Sites containing at least 15 photos that have a common theme and tell a story about Emirati Culture. Photos must have descriptive text. (-75%)
2. Email to me containing a link to your Google Sites page. (-50%)
3. A ZIP file containing your original high quality photos with IPTC metadata uploaded to the E-Learning site. (-75%)
4. At least one photo submitted to the Insight Dubai Photo Competition. Copied email to me as proof that an entry has been submitted. (-20%)


1. Photoessays
2. Photojournalism
3. Henri Cartier Bresson on the "decisive moment" (*)
4. Google sites explanation. An excellent Google Sites site by a student.
5. Google sites tutorial. An excellent Google Sites tutorial by a student.


This project will be worth 20% of the total course grades for LSFA-N254 and will be assessed on the quality of the submission, level of effort and number of photos.

To get an "A" for this project, your submission must be complete with many more than 15 excellent photos and a detailed description of the "story". Your submission will be judged against everyone else's submission to determine your grades. You must also have submitted a photo to the Insight Dubai competition and have met ALL the other requirements of the project.

In addition, please make sure that you have not plagiarized any material. If you use material from other web sites, please make sure to use a link back and properly credit your source.