Student photo portfolio themes and links

For these projects, students are required to document themes with related sets of photographs and blog these on Tumblr, Google Sites or another photo-publishing site. Project link for the Emirati Culture and Lifestyle photoessay is here and the Faces/Colors portfolio is here..

  • Project Brief
  • HR
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing
  • HR & IT (PM)


1. Develop "visual literacy" skills
2. Understand photojournalism
3. Select appropriate photos that fit the theme
3. Sequence photographs in a related series of events and write "the story"

  Name Emirati Culture Photo Essay theme Faces Colors
1 Alyaziah Ski Dubai Link* Link
2 Amina Bastakia Heritage Village Link Link
3 Azza The story behind each plate** Link Link
4 Fatima Cupcakes Link Link
5 Hamda Wooden Ships Link Link
6 Hessa Ghutra Link Link
7 Mahfodha Eid Al-Adha Celebrations Link*** Link***
8 Marwa National Day Celebrations Link** Link
9 Marwa Al Mulla Construction Sites Link* Link**
10 Mouza Emirati Family Day Out Link Link
11 Noura Nissan Patrols Link* Link
12 Nouf Clothes of Emarati Women** Link*** Link***
13 Ousha Emirati Female Lifestyle** Link Link
  Name Emirati Culture Photo Essay theme Faces Colors
1 Aisha Kitbi Traditional Herbs Link Link
2 Alia Emirati Culture between the Past and Present Link Link
3 Atiqa Dried Fish (UAE Traditional) Link Link
4 Aysha Nepali Cuisine Link* Link
5 Daneh The Bisht** Link Link
6 Fatma Abdulla Indian and Emirati Food** Link Link
7 Fatma Mohammed Food from our Maid* Link Link
8 Fatma Saeed Fishing Trip* Link Link
9 Hamda Thani Gobal Village** Link Link
10 Hamdah Ali Hamdah's World
11 Hessa Talli Link Link
12 Hind City of lights Link* Link
13 Ibtesam My Grandfather Link Link
14 Khulood Traditional Medicine: Hijama* Link Link
15 Maha Horse Riding Link Link
16 Maitha Education in the UAE Link Link
17 Maryam Burhan Eid Al Adha Link Link
18 Maryam Obaid Project low fat* Link Link
19 Meera Engagement Day Link Link
20 Noorah SMCCU Link Link
21 Noura Souk Al Arsah*** Link* Link**
22 Tayeba Traditional Medicine Link Link
23 Wajdan Omniyati Prosthetics Link Link
24 Zainab The Grand Souk & Herbs*** Link*** Link***
  Name Emirati Culture Photo Essay theme Faces Colors
1 Abrar Awesome Locations* Link* Link
2 Alya Traditional medicine: Tabikha** Link** Link**
3 Alya Salim Dubai Expo 2020 Link Link**
4 Amna Oud Link* Link
5 Asmaa Sharjah Fish Market Link** Link***
6 Ayisha My Uncle's Historical items** Link Link**
7 Fatma UAE National Day Home Decor Link Link
8 Hamdah Herbs used in the Emirati Family Link** Link
9 Latifa Traditional Food Link* Link
10 Maytha Family Gathering at the Farm** Link** Link**
11 Muna Family Responsibilities Link* Link
12 Nahila My Friendship Story Link*** Link***
13 Sara   Link Link
14 Shamma Musalhi Arabic Coffee Link Link
15 Shamma Mansouri Lifestyle of an Emirati Businesswoman*** Link** Link
16 Waad A trip to the desert Link Link**