You have now been given the username and password to your own e-commerce site. Not only will you upload files to the server but you will also make sure you have enough disk space and monitor other settings for your account.

The tool you will use is called CPANEL. Through CPANEL, you can check account settings, disk space and even upload files to the server.

Before we start, make sure you know the following:

1. the domain is ""
2. your server (site) name has already been given to you (eg: "someone")
3. the full site/domain will be ""

Accessing CPANEL

Start Internet Explorer or Firefox or whatever browser you are using. Type the complete URL for your site followed by "cpanel":

Once you click "Enter Here", you will be prompted for a username and password. These have already been given to you. If everything goes well, you will see the main CPANEL screen.

CPANEL Main Screen

The main CPANEL screen looks like the screen below. There are many useful tools in this screen but for this tutorial, you will need only a few. I have circled the important areas of the screen:

CPANEL-Disk Space

You are allowed 100 Mb of disk space on the E-Commerce web server. In the screen below, the user has used up ALL available space:

If you see this, you MUSt delete unnecessary files on the server!! If for some reason your files are not showing up when you upload new files, you may have no disk space left.

From the CPANEL Main Screen, you can detailed data on how disk space is being on your web site. You can also get information on which folders are using the most space. In order to see how your disk space is being used on your site, click the "Disk Space Usage" button:

You will see the the "Disk Usage Viewer" screen:

We know that the "" has used all 100 Mb. The "Disk Usage Viewer" screen allows you to see where the files are being used. I have circled the two folders with the highest disk space usage.

Clicking "Show More Directory Depth" will give you more detail on which folders your files are in:

CPANEL-File Manager

Using CPanel, you can create new folders, delete files and folders, and even upload files from your local computer to the server.

From the main CPanel screen, click the "File Manager" button:

You will see a bigger version of the following screen:

You will also see a Trashcan icon on the righthand side of the screen (not shown here). You can use that to delete files on the server.

If you are using Dreamweaver, you can do all of the same things through Dreamweaver as well.