Although working with Dreamweaver is straightforward, there are some common problems that you may face. Here are some of them. In case you face a problem that I have not mentioned here, please send me an email with a screenshot of the problem and I will add that here.

By the way make sure you have a proper folder set up where all your files are located. Also make sure ALL filenames (especially "index.html") are in lowercase with no spaces or special characters!!!

"The root folder you have chosen..."

You may get a "The root folder you have chosen..." error message when you complete Step 3 or Step 4. The error will look like this:

To get this error, you have selected a folder that is INSIDE the main folder for your website. To solve this error, select the MAIN folder as the "root" folder. The main folder may have other folders inside it for images, HTML pages and other website-related file.

Please check the "Proper Folder Layout" section for more information.

"An FTP error has occurred...

You may also get a "An FTP error has occurred..." error message in Step 4 or Step 5:

 In this case, make sure you have typed everything correctly. Check your SPELLING!!:

FTP Error #2

You may also see this error:

FTP Error 2

Once again, make sure you have spelled everything correctly:

FTP Error Spelling

The site URL prefix [/www]...

During setup of the Testing Server, you may see the following message:

URL Prefix error

Make sure to delete "www" here:

URl Prefix 2

Index of /

After you have uploaded all of your files, you may see this screen:

There are a few things that will cause this:

1. Are your files in the right place? Check that your site setup is correctly done.

2. The webserver cannot find the "index" file. TWO reasons for this are:

    a. The "index" file is missing (you didn't include it)

    b. The "index" file is spelled incorrectly (see below)

Some webservers use "index.htm" and others use "index.html". If you don't know what your webserver uses, try both but it will be one of those two!

Make sure that the entire name is in lowercase. Check this very carefully otherwise it will not work. For example, if you have "Index.html", this is NOT the same as "index.html"!!

Make sure that ALL filenames are in lowercase with no spaces and no special characters. Keep your filenames short and simple if possible.

3. Have you accidentally deleted files/folders that the webserver needs? See below:

These are all the folders that must be available for you account to work.

In addition, there may be a "cgi-bin" folder as well which should not be deleted:

If any of these have been deleted, the webserver will NOT be able to show your home page and your website will not work!

Here is a real example where a student accidentally deleted the folders necessary for the web server to work: