At this point, you have finished creating a "Site" in Dreamweaver. You have finished testing your settings and everything should work perfectly. If you haven't done this step, please go to the "Creating a Site in Dreamweaver" section and complete this.

While uploading your files to the server, please make sure that you DO NOT DELETE these folders that are already on the server!!!

Step 1: Site Panel

On the toolbars at the right, you will see the following:

Step 2: Connecting to the Web Server

Before you can do anything, you must connect to the web server:

You will see the following dialog box as Dreamweaver tries to connect to the web server.

To make sure that Dreamweaver has connected to the web server, change the view from "Local view" to "Remote view":

You should be able to see some files on the web server. That tells you that Dreamweaver has connected to the web server.

You are now ready to upload your files. Remember that for this exercise, you are taking files FROM your laptop or wherever your files are stored and copying them TO the web server.

Step 3: Local View

Change your view back to "Local view":

Now, you will need to SELECT files that you want copied to the server.

Step 4: Selecting files to copy

Select the files you want copied over to the server:

Step 5: Copying Files

Once that is done, click the "Put Files" button () to "put" the files on the server:


If Dreamweaver is still connected to the web server, you will see the following:

Step 6: Checking if files have been copied

After the file copying process is done, change your view to "Remote view" and make sure that the files have been copied to the web server:

If the files are there on the server, you are done!! Congratulations!

Tip #1: Buttons on the Files Panel

There are a few buttons in the "Files" area that you should know about:

Tip #2: Expanding the Files list

To make file transfers easier, use the expanded file list button () to give this view of your files: