Course Search Options

In the HCT Portal --> Application Shortcuts, there is a link that takes you to an application that allows you find course details in a very easy manner. This is especially useful for advising purposes. For example, this application can answer questions such as what are the evening (PM) CRNs for any particular course, what are all the CRNs for any course, what courses are taught by an instructor, who are the instructors for a course (for both local campus and across all campuses at the HCT) and many other questions.

Here is how to access it:

1. Log in to the HCT PORTAL. Expand the "Application Shortucts" menu by clicking on "More" and click on "Academic Information".

2. You will be directed to the Sharjah HCT Portal. From the "Academic" menu, select "Course Search".

3. You will now see "Course Information Search Options". It's through this screen that you can find detailed course information. For specific search examples, please see the examples below.

Example #1: Search for CRNs by course code at Dubai Women's College

For academic advising, it's often necessary to find available CRNs by course code in order to assign students to particular CRNs, especially if they are evening students. The application allows searching for all CRNs or only PM (evening) CRNs. The search below includes all CRNs of a particular course:

The search application has many "Submit" buttons on the form and any one of these can be pressed to start the search.


Each line result from searches through this application has further options.

Left-clicking on each line will drop a menu with multiple options. From this menu, you will be able to get very specific course-related information such as a Class List, Class Photo, Course Assessment Strategy, Course Details and other options:

Detailed course-related options that you can get by left-clicking any search result line including ability to get course outlines from Curricunet.

Example #2: Search for evening CRNs by course code at Dubai Women's College

This search is based on Example 1 above. In this case, you want to search for PM CRNs for the same course because perhaps, you have PM advisees who need to be allocated to evening CRNs.


Example #3: Search by CRN at Dubai Women's College


Example #4: Find all PM Business courses at Dubai Women's College


Example #5: Find courses taught by a Business Faculty member at Dubai Women's College


Example #6: Business Courses with no assigned instructor at Dubai Women's College


Example #7: Instructors by Course at Dubai Women's College

This is a very useful search, especially for new instructors or for those who haven't taught a particular course before and need resource guidance.

Although this example search is localized to Dubai Women's College, those instructors who want to know course instructors for a course across HCT, can select "All" from the "Campus" dropdown list.